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Cape Velsey in Early Spring

By Sarah Monday, April 9, 2012

As we drove through one of the most picturesque areas of Cape Velsey , in the heart of the Fruit Belt, we began to notice the sights, smells, and sounds of spring returning to Eastern Ontario.  Birds are chirping, flowers begin to bloom, and the hollow sound of corks being pulled from wine bottles at the Del-Gatto Vineyard lured us towards the 74 acre estate.

Del-Gatto Estates is a family owned and operated vineyard that specializes in hybrid grape varieties.  Everything is hand planted, hand pruned, hand picked, and hand crafted.

On a recent visit to the Vineyard the staff greeted us and after a long winter of taking care of the fermenting wines at Del-Gatto Estates Vineyard they were excited for us to taste the fruits of their labor.  From wine tasting to tours of the fields we were treated to a full immersive experience.  We got there during the spring wine release, which was great since we got to be some of the first to taste the new Del-Gatto wines.

We decided to start with a bottle of Hailstorm Red that was made with grapes harvested during an actual hailstorm.   Our friends tried a bottle of Dragonfly White with a portion of proceeds donated to a local cancer center.  Both wines were delicious and it would be hard not to enjoy them while you overlook the Del-Gatto Estate.  Right now is the perfect time of year to sit and enjoy a nice glass of wine while you watch spring work its magic and that’s exactly what we did at Del-Gatto Estates and Vineyard.

Pat and Heidi, the owners of Del-Gatto Estates set a goal of offering new experiences with quality wines in an authentic and inviting European-Italian atmosphere.  As we looked across the lush green Ontario vineyard with a glass of red wine in our hands I had a strange feeling that I had been transported to Italy and that’s when I knew Pat and Heidi had accomplished what they had set out to do. Del-Gatto had done its job.

Our friends, who aren’t big wine drinkers, enjoyed the visit and ended up expanding their palettes.  With red wines and everything in-between, Del-Gatto Estates Vineyards will expand your palette as well.

Del-Gatto Estates Vineyard and tasting room are open daily May-October from 11am to 6pm or from November-April by appointment.  You can also visit their website, www.del-gattoestates.ca for more information.




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