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By Sarah Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All year round Eastern Canada offers plenty to do. From attractions and activities to beaches and outdoor fun, you will certainly enjoy the diverse landscape and diversity of the region.

Exploring Quebec City is an absolute must. This French-speaking city is cosmopolitan in every way, although it still boasts a charming and traditionally strong French culture.  The capital of Quebec is a cultural melting pot and a hot spot to visit.  Locals enjoy the great outdoors as well as a wonderful quality of life.

Travel to Eastern Canada and you will form lasting memories.  The seashore, delightful seaside towns, and small villages with friendly people are some of the things to look forward to during your visit.  Prince Edward Island, also referred to as The Gentle Island, is known for its lush landscapes.   You can visit antique shops and stroll down Peake’s Wharf which offers fine dining, shopping and Island entertainment.

Ever dreamed of visiting Nova Scotia? It’s one of the friendliest places on earth. Nova Scotia offers spectacular scenery and decadent food and wine. It’s a way of life which makes you feel like you are right at home.  Beaches, culture, outdoor adventure and history are only some of the things which make Nova Scotia such an experience.

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