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Medieval Times: Toronto Castle

By Debbie Monday, November 19, 2012

Eating With Your Hands Is Not As Uncouth As It Might Seem
In college, preparing for business lunches & dinners, they made sure we knew which foods to eat with which utensil and our proper table manners, but they clearly didn’t have in minds that we might be going to Medieval Times with business partners & clients!
Transport yourself to another time, with all the pomp & circumstance of an 11th century royal gathering including jousting, sword fights, horsemanship and falconry. This new show (launched Fall 2012) is quite different from before and “has gone back to basics where a celebration of horses combines with more action and elements of high drama. Good versus evil remains the theme, and guests will see much more of what they like most about the show – action packed battles!”
I did presuppose that the show would be too cheesy for words, but it was a really fun & different night out – certainly a better option than waiting in line (again) to get into a downtown club and a good (clean) night out for families and kids. They do recommend ticket purchase in advance, or at least calling the castle before going there to ensure there will be enough seats in the arena for you & your guests.

If you’re planning to go to Medieval Times for a birthday (your own or a child’s) or it’s your 1st time there and you want to be a part of the show, let them know when you arrive and they will announce your first name and celebrate your presence!

Team Building
I attended Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament for the first time with two business partners and a client as my guests, knowing that I needed a chance to introduce my client to my partners in an environment of relaxing, non-work and exciting fun – everyone had a great time not working specifically, but we bonded as a professional team and I know that all of our businesses will be better for it!

Family Friendly Fun
The kids in the audience really got into the show, from their seats bouncing around and cheering for the cheering knights. Currently, the meals are the same for kids & adults, and they do offer take-home boxes on request for leftovers. All I could see was the kids super excited and enjoying themselves!

The New Show
The pre-show entertainment and drinks were great, as we could pose for photos with “The Royals” while getting drinks and being entertained in the courtyard. The show began with an introduction to The Liberty Horse, explaining its importance in the show and our lives throughout history. This beautiful Andalusian Stallion has been trained to perform without the use of a harness or human touch. Extensive training between horse and trainer allowed the necessary trust to be established for the rider-less horse performance in the opening act.
The Spanish Horses were introduced and each animal was not only well trained, but happy to perform for the full court!

After introducing the King and each section’s own knights into the arena, we were treated to a show by one of the trained Falcons. It put on an awe inspiring demonstration, flying quickly around the arena in a perfect figure 8 barely over our heads (there is no food service during this part of the show!), with its powerful wings blowing a breeze on our heads, while its trainer demonstrated its hunting abilities with a flying “mouse” on a rope.

A Delicious & Filling Meal
The meal was delicious, of course there was beer & wine and a full bar available as well as water and “nectar” (fountain Pepsi). The meal begins with  garlic bread & tomato bisque soup, and then is followed by the main oven-roasted chicken (a large serving), a herb-roasted potato and “dragon’s tail” (spare rib). Dessert on this evening was an apple strudel pastry. Yes, the chicken, spare rib and even the garlic bread was a little messy on my fingers to eat with my hands, but if you’re really bothered by it you can always ask for a knife & fork. Before food is even served, the tables are set with a wet nap to get you through the messy meal and hot towels are distributed before dessert & coffee/tea. Coming straight from the office was fine & I didn’t find any food remnants on my clothes after returning home. Kosher, Halal, Gluten-Free and vegetarian meal options are also available.

Getting There
A short cab ride from downtown, Medieval Times is at the foot of Dufferin Street at Exhibition. My crew prefers public transportation, so we took the King Streetcar West from downtown Toronto to Dufferin, and then a short walk down Dufferin Street – Medieval Times is on the South side of the Gardiner Expressway bridge.

To learn more about Medieval Times or other fun things to do in Toronto this winter.

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