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Oh Canada EH? Dinner Show

By Sarah Monday, April 9, 2012

During our visit to Niagara Falls we heard rumors of a musical dinner show that featured a Mountie, a Hockey player, and Anne of Green Gables under the same rustic log cabin roof, which sounded like the beginning of a Canadian joke to me but instead turned out to be one of the funniest live theatre shows I have ever seen – The Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Show!

The Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Show features all of the characters you would expect in a show based on the wonderful country of Canada.  There is a hockey player missing his front tooth, a violin playing fisherman, an old time fur trader, and even a saloon girl who likes to flirt with audience members.  From the opening number to the last laugh we enjoyed this fun, loud, and hilarious show.

The Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Show is two hours long and features all-Canadian music that ranges from folksongs to pop.  Even with flirty saloon girls and crazy hockey players this show is family friendly and the kids will get most of the jokes.  However, while we were there it seemed like the youngsters enjoyed the singing and dancing more than the jokes.

We had ton of laughs at Oh Canada Eh? but we also ate really well too.  There is a great all-Canadian, family style meal, served by the singing Mountie and his friends.  I expected the standard dinner show style food but instead we were treated to French Canadian Pea Soup, Alberta Grade Eh? Roast Beef, Manitoba Roast Chicken, Fresh Atlantic Haddock, and Maple Chocolate Cake.  The cake was of course my favorite of the Canadian “specialties”.

The Oh Canada EH? Dinner Show! recently celebrated their 5,000th show and has entertained over 650,000 guests from around the world for 18 seasons! Its no wonder it has been called Canada’s “must-see” musical attraction and no wonder people kept insisting we go see it and boy are we glad we did.

The Rustic Log Cabin Theatre is located just a few minutes from Niagara Falls and is the home of the Oh Canada Eh? show, which is performed April through October.  There are also other seasonal shows, like a Christmastime one.  This season of the Oh Canada Eh? show has just started, so go enjoy the fun and great food with all of the colorful characters!

We bought tickets at the door but you can also get them in advance. For more information you can visit www.ohcanadaeh.com or to order tickets call 1-800-467-2071.


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