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Things to Do SW Ontario- White Water Music & Adventure

By Karl Friday, August 3, 2012

Each summer the outdoors calls me to come explore. After being cooped up in my apartment all winter I need some adventure and fun! I have gone kayaking, hiking, climbing and zip lining. There are so many things to do in Ontario that it is hard to pick a favorite. Recently I tried something a little different and had an experience like no other with White Water Music and Adventure.

I had been looking for something to do on a hot summer day and thought spending it on a river would be great. The first thing that caught my attention was the name, White Water Music and Adventure. What does music have to do with white water kayaking? Glad you asked!

My favourite quote from the White Water Music and Adventure website is “Some of our greatest joys have come about through a combining of our passions and sharing that adventure with others.” The founders and guides of White Water have combined their passions for music and drumming with nature and the joy of Kayaking.  They teach basic kayaking skills and then incorporate drums after landing on a beach or docking near a forest.  The goal being to escape the hustle and bustle and become closer with nature, I think.

There are 6 packages you can choose from.  I chose package #1.  The instructions were to meet at Thornbury Bakery, just outside of Collingwood, and to bring your own lunch, snack, and drinks.  From there we drove to our starting point, which was near Clendenan Conservation Area.  Everyone I met seemed very nice and almost overly excited.  Was drumming and kayaking something I had been missing out on my whole life?

We launched our kayaks and drifted down the river.  Many people started conversations and some were already drumming.  It was very peaceful and the rhythmic beat of the hand drums had an even more calming affect on me. It was almost too peaceful since keeping my eyes open, as we drifted down river, got semi-difficult.

After a half hour or so, maybe more maybe less it was hard to keep track, we came to a beach and docked. Everyone got out and we all began taking turns drumming.  It was an interesting experience and one that I feel would be very bonding with friends or family. We used the African djembe and other small drums.  It was different and strange, but in a good way.

The locations that the guide chooses are based on water depth, which is determined by how much it rained recently, and previous experience of the kayakers.  I figured he could tell we weren’t all pros and went a calmer way when I went.  According to the website all of the routes are scenic and beautiful and I know mine certainly was.

For more information and to see other package options visit White Water Music and Adventure (www.whitewatermusicandadventure.ca). For other fun, exciting, and different things to do in Ontario visit Summer Fun Guide (www.summerfunguide.ca).






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