Butter Tarts & Buggies


Butter Tarts and Buggies, Explore the Simpler Life, is a tourism experience developed in partnership with the townships of Minto, Mapleton, Southgate and Wellington North.

Explore Homemade Butter Tarts, Cafes & Buffets, Heirloom Plants, Local Artisans, Unique Decor. Explore Mennonite culture with a buggy ride.

This self guided tour promotes butter tart bakers, butter tart inspired items, and related products including maple syrup, local food at the farm, restaurants and retail stores, local handcrafted items and the equine industry.

Enjoy Fun Fall Activities, Scrumptious Treats, and Deals at Participating Butter Tarts & Buggies Businesses. Visit www.buttertartsandbuggies.com to view all our upcoming events.

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  • Wheelchair Accessible : No

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