Clifton Hill Attractions


Enjoy Clifton Hill's most creative & interactive attractions for all ages. Do you have what it takes to find your way out at Crystal Caves? Or practice your screams at Niagara's most terrifying experience at House Of Frankenstein? We have Year Round FUN!

Crystal Caves:
In1884, dynamite blasted the top of Clifton hill for the Niagara Falls railroad station. After the explosions, deep caverns were found next to the site. They were cut out of crystal just beneath the surface & in the miles of tunnels, the walls were so clear, people could see their reflections. When the station was finished, all entryways to the tunnels were sealed and the labyrinth was forgotten... Or so the legend goes...When the railroad site burned down a century later, the amazing tunnels were discovered again! Now you can step foot in this MIRRORED MAZE OF CRYSTAL CAVES. Make sure you have what it takes to find your way out... for you might just get lost in the infinite passageways FOREVER!

House of Frankenstein
In an abandoned railway station atop Clifton Hill, you can face evil ghouls & villains like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Jekyl and Hyde, & even Dracula! Only the bravest will climb the 13 slanted steps into these haunted tombs of the House of Frankenstein. Dare to laugh at the Jack-in-the-box. Take your chances with a guillotine. Flirt with the bride of Frankenstein. Experience it and live to tell your own tales!

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