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Join us for a truly unique & memorable sensory experience at one of Niagara’s largest wineries! Options include an in-depth tasting & tour of our 48,000 sq ft, state-of-the-art facility, a one-of-a-kind Cellar Floor Experience amongst 800 wine barrels & more.

As one of Niagara's largest wineries, producing multiple award-winning wine brands, we offer unique group tour & tasting opportunities.
Our winery is designed for guests! Whether you are interested in tastings at our new wine bar or a more comprehensive tour of our cellars, we can organize the perfect tour for you. Customized experiences also available.

You will learn the techniques for using all five of your senses to truly taste our wines during this in-depth guided tasting and tour at our Niagara winery. A delightful and memorable sensory experience!

A unique place to learn about wine
Adjacent to our current 48,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art wine-making facility, visitors can enjoy many of our most popular wines in our tasting centre and then can then book a one-of-a-kind Cellar Floor Experience in the winery. Set on the winery floor amongst a canyon of over 800 wine barrels and massive 2-storey wine tanks this unique 1,000 square education space, provides a memorable, unmatched orientation to the winemaking process.

A Structured Cheese & Wine Pairing
This option includes trying 5 different styles of Lakeview Wine Co. wines, paired with 5 different types of cheese in a casual yet informative tasting setting, right in the heart of our working Niagara winery.

Wine Cocktail Mixology
Learn the basic principles of making wine-based cocktails and how to incorporate your favourite wines.

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