Fort George National Historic Site


Built around 1800, Fort George served as the headquarters for the British Army during the War of 1812, saw action during the Battle of Queenston Heights, was destroyed and captured by the Americans during the Battle of Fort George, and was reclaimed by the British 7 months later.

Visit Fort George and step back in time to experience the fortification as it was during the War of 1812. Tour the Blockhouses, Officers' Quarters, Artificers Shop and Guard House. Visit the powder magazine, which is the only building to have survived the Battle of Fort George and is the oldest military building in Ontario today! Experience the sounds of the Fife and Drum Corps, witness the training manoeuvres of the 41st Regiment Infantry unit, taste food cooked 19th century-style over a kitchen’s open flame, witness soldiers in redcoats fire muskets during artillery demonstrations then fire a musket yourself!

Experience our exciting daily programming, such as feature presentations, musket demonstrations, cook house treats, or live musical performances by the 41st Fife and Drum Corps!

Fort George also offers several Special Events throughout the year! Past events have included the Great War, Canada Day, the Fife and Drum Muster, Battle re-enactments, and more! Click here to see the full list of events happening this year at Fort George.

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