Ostrich Land Ontario


We provide tours for kids, and their parents as well, that include educational videos, excursions, opportunities to feed the Ostriches, and interactive learning experiences (games, boat tours, and tractor tours).professionally made video to learn about life of an Ostrich. See cartoons and listen to fun stories.
Our friendly tour guides will take you for a visit to an incubator room at our farm; you can say hello to the youngest chicks, some only a few days old, in our kindergarten area; feed the year-old teenage group and meet our breeder’s family.
Our tour guides will answer all the questions you may have about these amazing birds!
Chicken, Duckling and Rabbit Villages are also open for you to visit. You will see all different kinds of pets we have, learn how they grow and what they eat every day. You are welcome to feed them yourself and take pictures to capture these memories!
Visit our smart garden and buy fresh vegetables for your family. You'll be amazed and delighted what you can grow with straw bale gardening.
We offer a variety of Ostrich-related products

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