Prince Edward County Lavender Festival - July 6-7 & July 13-14, 2019


Over 5500 visitors enjoyed the 2018 Prince Edward County Lavender Festival – join them in 2019!

Great fun for all ages. Enjoy live music, kids’ activities, face painting, petting zoo, fun entertainment, delicious food and tour the beautiful lavender fields! You’ll learn about the process of essential oil making, pick you own lavender these 2 weekends only, shop in the boutique and more.

On our farm you will find many cultivars of lavender, offering a myriad of colours, scents and tastes. Some of our cultivars are praised for their exceptional essential oil qualities, while others are best kept for culinary creations or crafts.

But lavender is not all we do … there is a wide range of other herbs processed and packaged in our store - either individually or in special blends, such as Herbes de Provence, Hillier Herbs, Fines Herbs and Holiday Herbs. Shop the boutique, tour the fields of lavender and other herbs, the knot garden and flower beds.

Lavender Uses:
Lavender is a plant rich in history and myth. With its roots in the ancient art of the herbalists, lavender has been cultivated for many purposes.

We have beehives located in the lavender fields. Watch the bees feasting on the lavender nectar until they fly back to the hive to begin the process of honey making, providing us with an incredibly delicate honey, light in colour and subtle on the palate. Add the unique taste of lavender to your appetizers, main dishes, desserts and cocktails. Let your creativity be your guide! A pinch of lavender will add a subtle flavour to almost any recipe.

Lavender is a plant of choice for the garden. It offers a spectacular show of colours with a divine sweet smell. Since lavender is drought resistant, it will thrive in the hot and sunny side of the property and you will not have to water every day. Better yet, place the lavender plants along a path or under a window to enjoy the comforting fragrance.

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