Skydive Toronto Inc


Longest established & most experienced skydiving school in Canada. We have produced more than 260,000 successful jumps. Offering the best in tandem skydiving, solo 1st jump courses, progressive free fall programs & gradual freefall progression. See you in the skies with us!

Conveniently located 25 minutes N of Toronto via highway 400, and about 10 minutes S of Barrie.

We have 2 options for a first jump - Tandem or Solo!

With Tandem, you get the complete skydiving experience, complete with the assurance of having an experienced instructor connected to you. Starting with ground preparation and orientation, you proceed to gearing up and then you will board the aircraft with your instructor, climb to a jump altitude of up to 13 000 feet ASL, and then jump! After a freefall for 30-45 seconds, you or your instructor deploy your main canopy, and then you'll have a 5 minute panoramic canopy ride down.

A little more adventurous and want to go solo? We can do that too. You'll experience a 3-5 hour classroom training program, followed by gearing up in equipment used by only a few parachute centres in the world. The instructor on the plane will tell you when to jump and our static line will automatically deploy your main parachute during your freefall of up to 5 seconds. You steer your gliding canopy down, assisted by a ground radio instructor who transmits instructions to the radios attached to your harness.


  • Hours of Operation : Our skydiving begins on April 1st! We will be open weekends in April; from the May long weekend until the end of October we will be open 7 days a week!
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  • Wheelchair Accessible : No

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