Wallaceburg & District Museum


Wallaceburg is a beautiful town on the banks of the Sydenham River with a rich heritage from its pioneer founding as the Baldoon Settlement. See Wallaceburg’s Industrial Revolution with the rise of Canada and Dominion Sugar Company, the Wallaceburg Brass Company and the Sydenham Glass Company. Witness the supernatural of the Baldoon Mystery. Come and view some of our 85,000 artifacts in person or through our virtual tour.

The museum documents the beginning of our community from the founding of the Baldoon Settlement by Lord Selkirk in 1804 to its success as an industrial hub in the mid-1900s. The town’s first industries included lumber mills and cooperages. Industry later transitioned to glass, sugar and automotive parts production. Agriculture also plays a major role in the local economy to this day.

Come and visit our Glass Gallery, Sports Room, Baldoon Mystery, Classic Toys, Marine Room, James Streetscape, Parkette and so much more!

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  • Hours of Operation : Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.Sundays and evenings: By appointment
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  • Wheelchair Accessible : Yes

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