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Visit our family-run factories and experience truly delicious, creamy & soft or hard & flavourful, exceptional artisanal cheese!

Tour the facility & watch the fascinating process of cheese-making. Did you know the calcium in a 1 inch cube of cheese = 7 cups of broccoli? Learn more about cheese and it's health benefits during your visit. Jensen Cheese does not use artificial dyes to add colour to the cheese. Instead, the pulp from the Annatto plant is used to give our cheddar the orange colour. We take pride in our cheese-making process and outstanding service.

The Wilton Cheese Factory and Jensen Cheese are divisions of A.M. Jensen Limited.

Jensen Cheese is a family-run business operating in Southwestern Ontario with a second location in Eastern Ontario that operates under the name of The Wilton Cheese Factory. The Jensen family offers quality artisanal products since 1925. Eric Jensen, the owner and president of A.M. Jensen Limited took over for his father Arne and now his son Scott is the president. Scott is the third generation of Jensen Cheese.

The early basic recipe for making cheese has not really changed over the years. Cheese making still consists of milk, coagulants, heat, and agitation. Humans have taken the basics of curds and whey and have created many different types of cheese from numerous cultures with varying flavours and characteristics.

Types of Cheese
Cheese can be divided among different categories, or types, according to their firmness. There are various systems for classifying cheese and there are variations within each system. Click here to see all the different types of cheese you can enjoy.

Health & Nutrition
Did you know that calcium in a one-inch cube of cheese is equivalent to that in seven cups of broccoli? There are so many health benefits associated with eating cheese and other dairy products.

TEETH - Cheese helps prevent tooth decay by protecting the enamel, stimulating saliva production, and by neutralizing the acids contained if many of the foods we eat on a regular basis. The protein and calcium in cheese are excellent agents to help fight cavities.

BONES - Calcium helps in the prevention of Osteoporosis. Consuming dairy products is especially during adolescence when bones are developing. If you do not consume enough calcium, your body will take calcium from your bones to fuel other areas of your body which may lead to Osteoporosis. While Osteoporosis cannot be reversed, it can be prevented and it is very hard to meet your calcium needs without dairy products.

FAT - Not all fats are created equal! Cheese and other dairy products contain small amounts of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) which is considered to be a good fat. Recent studies have shown that CLA may play a role in preventing certain types of cancer like breast cancer or colon cancer. CLA may also be an aid in weight loss or weight management along with a healthy diet and exercise.

ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS - Not only does cheese contain calcium, but dairy foods also contain eight other essential nutrients such as potassium, iron, magnesium, and zinc just to name a few. Studies have found that increasing the intake of calcium, magnesium, and potassium can lower blood pressure and can help reduce the risk of hypertension.

LACTOSE INTOLERANCE - People who have been diagnosed with an intolerance to lactose lack the enzyme that breaks down natural sugars (lactose) found in milk products. This enzyme is known as lactase. Without lactase a person may have bloating, gas, or diarrhea soon after consuming a dairy product. It is not necessary to avoid all dairy products if you are lactose intolerant unless your doctor recommends that you stay away from them. Jensen Cheese carries some lactose-free varieties of cheese. Jensen’s Extra Old Cheddars, 4-Year Cheddars, 5-Year Cheddars and Vintage Reserved Cheddars have low levels of lactose so they are easier for those with lactose intolerances to digest however Jensen’s advises that you always follow the advice of your doctor.


Jensen's Wilton Cheese Factory is the first cheese factory in Eastern Ontario and the third in Canada to receive the federal designation.
2000 HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) designation and certification at the presentation ceremonies conducted under the direction of the then Federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-food Lyle Vanclief, MP of Prince
1997 Winner of the coveted British Empire Award received at the presentation ceremonies in Belleville, Ontario.
1987 Grand National Agrigate Champion for the Dominion of Canada awarded at the Canadian National Exhibition (The Ex) competition in Toronto, Ontario.


The staff at Jensen Cheese love to cook and bake with cheese and are always sharing recipes. Click here to see some of the recipes you can try.

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