About Us

Summer Fun Guide is a division of Family Funtime Publishing

The principals are Elisa Morton Palter and Shari Wert. Armed with an MBA each and over 40 years of marketing, advertising and online experience combined, they are experts in helping consumers find exactly what they need-and often what they didn't even know they needed. Elisa and Shari co-founded Help!... We've Got Kids, Toronto's Complete Children's Resource Directory, in 1994 (print) and 2000 (online). They sold the company in 2009 and, after taking several months off to decide what they wanted to do with the next stage of their lives, they realized that they were still looking for challenge and excitement. After much thought, extensive research and endless discussion, they decided to expand on all they had learned in the past and focus their energy on SummerFunGuide.ca, a small company they had started several years earlier

Summer Fun Guide's Shari Wert and Elisa Morton Palter
Shari Wert and Elisa Morton Palter

SummerFunGuide.ca is a comprehensive directory of all things fun, exciting and interesting in Ontario. Targeted at Ontario residents and visitors alike, it was a well-organized site filled with useful information but it needed a major overhaul. Elisa and Shari worked hard at developing a new model that included all the components needed to launch an interactive, contemporary directory online with loads of new categories, new functionality, a brand new design and a whole bunch of new energy! Summer Fun Guide offers free listings to all companies/organizations that provide an attraction, event, or outdoor amusement in Ontario.

The mission of the Summer Fun Guide is to be comprehensive. When visitors know that they will find everything they are looking for in all areas, categories and prices, they have confidence in the site and return again and again. Elisa and Shari live in Toronto with their husbands and 3 children each. They love discovering the seemingly endless array of new adventures, interesting places and exciting festivals that the great province of Ontario has to offer!

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