Summer Fun Guide:

Things to do & Places to stay in Ontario

FREE basic listings Online & In Print*

What is Summer Fun Guide?

  • Comprehensive directories of events, attractions, accommodations & activities in Ontario. Available online at and published annually in print.
  • Online: Updated daily. Includes thousands of listings, an event calendar, Hot Deals, a weekly contest & an online newsletter.
  • In Print: Circulation of 250,000 and distributed as a FREE digest sized directory across the province of Ontario.

Who does Summer Fun Guide target?

  • Twenty-somethings, couples, families with children, empty nesters & seniors.

Why list or advertise in the Summer Fun Guide?

  • Only 10% of people living in Ontario have cottages. That means 90% of residents wake up on summer weekends and wonder... "What can we do today?"

What makes Summer Fun Guide comprehensive?

  • All Ontario attractions, activities, accommodations & festivals are entitled to FREE listings in print & online*. Whatever people are looking for, they will find it in the Summer Fun Guide.

How do I list my company?

  • Select ONLINE or PRINT below and complete the form. Your online information will be posted within 2 business days.
  • The print edition is an annual publication. If you have missed the deadline for the current publication, you will be notified when it is time for the next edition.
  • You MUST complete a form for EACH directory separately in order to appear in both.

How do I advertise?

  • Basic listings are FREE. Upgraded listings, display ads, banner ads and sponsorship opportunities are also available.
  • Upgraded Listing prices can be viewed by clicking on the ONLINE or PRINT buttons below.
  • For all other advertising & sponsorship opportunities, please contact us to request a Media Kit.

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You MUST complete BOTH the print & online forms to be included in both versions of the guide.

* Please note Festivals/Events must have annual budgets >$50,000, Farmers' Markets must have > 25 vendors and Museums/Galleries must have annual operating budgets > $150,000 to submit a free listing IN PRINT. Events, Farmers' Markets and Museums of any size are welcome to a free listing Online or can upgrade in print. Event Calendar postings are free for all events, regardless of size.