Greater Toronto Area

With so much to do in Canada's biggest city, it’s almost impossible to decide what to do first when planning a trip to Toronto. Toronto offers so many great local attractions and activities, there's something for every traveller to enjoy!

Local Neighbourhoods

Toronto is often known for its hustle and bustle and is considered one of the largest metropolises in the country. Aside from its fast-paced, big city excitement, Toronto has a great sense of community, encompassing unique neighbourhoods that reflect their diverse residents.

Rich History and Arts Community

Toronto has a rich history that you can explore the various museums, galleries and historical sites and monuments scattered throughout the city. The affluent arts and theatre community in Toronto means there is always great local Canadian works as well as some of Broadway’s most anticipated musicals going on in the city.

Escape to Nature in Toronto

In Toronto, you aren't only limited to the bustling city environment. You can quickly and easily escape to local nature sites and explore the outdoors such as farms, natural conservation areas and golf courses, beaches and trails – all just a short drive from the city.

Toronto Attractions and Activities

Toronto is host to some of the best attractions in Ontario. Everything from large-scale festivals, events, amusements parks, sporting events and more. There's something to explore in every corner of the city!

Start planning your trip to Toronto and explore all the fun things to do in Ontario!

What towns and cities are included in the Greater Toronto Area?

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