Pirate's Life Theatre & Cruise - Toronto & Ottawa


Set Sail with your family this summer, adults & children alike. Become a pirate with our crew, dress in costume, face paint tattoos & pirate names! Fire the water cannons and haul up the loot, because we are all pirates.. arrrgh! Imagine, play & create with us outdoors on a pirate ship with the best view of Toronto's Skyline!

Venture Downtown Toronto this summer and join our scurvy crew. Come dressed in your favourite pirate costumes or rummage through our collection of vests, sashes and bandanas as you become one of us! Our crew have their face paint and brushes at the ready to curl a handsome moustache, 5 o'clock shadow or some fearsome pirate tats on the cheeks & arms of your loved ones.

We have a partnership with Solar Stage Theatre:
Providing affordable and accessible family programming. Including kids shows and free events. Tickets are only $20. Solar Stage productions are at the Wychwood Theatre, Christie and St Clair in Toronto

Solar Stage was founded in 1976, and has been a cultural destination for Toronto families for over forty years. We create award-winning, progressive, original, Canadian, family theatre with a focus on inclusive, diverse, optimistic and inspirational storytelling.

Pirate Life was founded in 2014 and has been producing family friendly content in Toronto since the dawn of piracy ;)

Two locations Toronto & Ottawa. Ottawa Address is 588 Hog's Back Road, 613-859-5199

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  • Wheelchair Accessible : Yes

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