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1 hr from Ottawa, drive through a Canadian safari, in your own backyard! Home to wildlife including moose, bears, raccoons & wolves. Open daily, yr rd. Summertime birds of prey shows. Feed carrots to 'safe' animals who come up to your car for treats!Guidance & direction are provided on your radio in English and French. A complete tour takes 2-3 hours but there is lots more to do once your tour is done:

* Feed carrots to the deer & ibex
* Picnic at the Park House. Visit the Trading Post at zone 11 nearby to feed carrots to white-tailed deer
* Admire the Bird Lake at The Park House & purchase a souvenir.
* Enjoy our 3 charming walking trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, restaurant and ice cream bar!

Take advantage of amazing seasonal events such as:

Maple Season!
Feb 28-March 15 and any weekends after than until the end of maple season, you can stop in the middle of your tour to taste maple taffy on the snow.

June 23-Labor Day
Enjoy a fun animation mammal show show 3x daily at zone 21.

May until autumn
Take advantage of our naturalist guides as they introduce you to our bears & wolves and answer questions 3x/day at Zone 21's boardwalk. Get up close and personal with animals in a safe environment from the side of the enclosure.

Mid-May to Thanksgiving
Experience the enchantment of an 1847 farm enhanced by many farm animals, which you can pet.

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