St-Albert Cheese Cooperative


Welcome to the Canadian capital of the curds! Each year, the Cheese Coop produces enough cheese curds to fill 4 Olympic size pools. Whether your are on your way to Ottawa or Montreal, St-Albert Cheese Coop is an ideal place to stop and the most popular Eastern Ontario gourmet attraction. It welcomes more than half a million visitors per year. - Production plant self-guided tours -Boutique - Bilingual employees -View of the production plant - Restaurant After your visit, cheese will no longer hold any secrets. Discover all the production steps involved in making our famous cheddars and watch our employees work through huge windows overlooking the production area. Taking you through the plant, you will learn how St-Albert cheeses are produced with twelve explanatory panels. Explanatory videos also tell the story of the fire that destroyed the plant in 2013 and its reconstruction. Take advantage and fill your stomachs at the restaurant and taste the best poutines in Ontario! Try one of our 15 gourmet poutines. Our freshly hand-cut potatoes, homemade brown sauce and the freshest cheese curds, will fulfill any appetite. The menu offers a large array of other savoury choices and gluten free options are also available. A patio and ice cream bar. Alcohol permit. Follow your visit by our visiting our cheese and fine foods boutique. Don’t miss the chance of stocking up on our delicious cheeses that have won several awards over the last few years. RV parking is available (maximum 3 nights)

Do not miss the famous Curd Festival! Over the years since 1994, the Festival has become one of the big events of the summer (3rd week of August), attracting up to 50,000 visitors annually to St-Albert for five days of shows and festivities.

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