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Fall for Foodies in TO

By Shari & Elisa Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Whether you live locally or are visiting from somewhere else, one of the best things about Toronto is the rich cultural diversity, that we celebrate together every day in our food! There are more than 7,000 restaurants in Toronto and a lot of food-enthusiast events that bring people in from all over the world to present, taste and share! A few weeks ago we went to the Delicious Food Show which promised to give a sneak peak at the players in this season’s most tasty events!

Mustard & So Much Morephoto 1
A mix of food, kitchen & culinary organizations there to sell, promote and create awareness, with local Ontario brands, big and small featured prominently. Personally looking for natural, clean & healthy foods that are local and new try… What could we expect from prices, how much could we eat, afford, or carry from one afternoon and would it be worth the price?

With $20 each of wine sampling coupons and some cash for food purchases, we set off to see what the many options of the Delicious Food Show would have in store. While I found my time at the DFS underwhelming (mostly by the layers of pricing and payment > entry fees, wine sample coupons, food samples), I wandered the throngs of retail vendors, food trucks parked indoors, and hot and refrigerated offers, determined to make a choice to spend/sample my vouchers. (most 2oz. samples costing $3-$8)

Maybe it was my attitude going in that left me unimpressed while there, but since then as I’ve started to enjoy my purchases and redeem coupons, I’m happy to have spent the cold afternoon meeting enthusiastic foodies from around Ontario. I did find a number of amazing photo 2food vendors I’d never tried before and was able to dive deeper into a few of my amateur foodie passions: mustard, coconut water, chia seeds and any other food delicacy that is preferably local, clean of preservatives, hormones & chemicals. My take-away of knowing new healthy food businesses in Ontario made the whole trip down to the Better Living Center worth it!

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Debbie Horovitch is a Toronto-based author, speaker and trainer on Attracting the Influence of Celebrities to Your Online Content Using Google+ Hangouts on Air, who blogs about her 20 years living the great city of Toronto and the ever-changing global advertising jungle. You can find Debbie on LinkedIn and Facebook and anywhere on the web.

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