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Toronto International Film Festival – for kids!

By Natalie & Phil Monday, April 15, 2013

TIFF – Kids

Wow!  What an awesome day we just had!  The five of us went downtown to King St. to the Kids Toronto International Film Festival.  We had booked a time slot of 2pm to go into the digiPlayspace.  While we waited in line with the throngs of people (2pm is a very busy time!) the girls got a chance to be the stars in their own movie.  Kids TIFF had a camera and big movie screen to project all the crazy antics of the kids in the lineup.

We finally made it into the playSpace and it was well worth the wait.  Where to begin?  There was so much to see and do.  We started with the body paint installation where kids can create their own masterpiece by jumping in front of a giant interactive screen that responds to body movement by making big dramatic splotches of paint jump onto the screen.

Next we moved onto “weather worlds.”  This was a huge hit with the girls.  The kids’ images were projected onto a huge screen that showed different weather conditions.  When they moved, the weather changed.  They could create hurricanes, lightning, torrential downpours and rainbows.  They had the best time!

For kids who have dreams of being in the movies, the “Be in the Scene” was fantastic.  Kids stand in front of a green room and are projected into changing scenes.  They can transform into Wolverine from X-Men, Princess Belle, see themselves on an elephant in the jungle or starring in a Spiderman movie.  Awesome!

After becoming movie stars, the girls played on the ipads loaded with cool apps, squished video bugs roaming on the floor, played video games and then checked out the cool movie making gadgets.  We saw a 3D printer at work, played the potato piano and more.  The kids even got to make their own stop motion animation movie.

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