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Grab Your Camera! The Best Views in Ontario

By Natalie & Phil Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Whether you’re a professional photographer wanting to take some amazing shots, or you simply want some unforgettable memories of your Ontario vacation, packing a camera in your suitcase is an absolute must when you’re planning on spending some time in the area. Ontario quite simply has some of the best views in the entire world, whether that’s at the beach, in the mountains, or in the historic towns and modern cities. Capturing these spectacular views is a wonderful way to make memories for your family. Of course, it’s impossible to list every single spectacular view in Ontario, but here are some of the best that just can’t be missed:

Niagara Falls
There really can’t be a list of great Ontario views without mention of Niagara Falls. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in North America, with an estimated 43 percent  of all Americans interested in visiting the falls. It’s impossible to truly understand tNiagara.Falls.74_12rrhe magnitude of the falls without having been there, but a good photograph is certainly a start. The best place to capture the gushing waters is by getting up close and personal with a trip on the Hornblower from Summer 2014, but don’t forget to make sure your photography equipment is covered in case of accidental water damage! Be warned – you can get very wet! If you’d rather you and your camera stay dry and would like to capture the falls from dry land, consider booking into one of the local hotels with Falls-facing rooms. You can get some really great views from places like the Marriott Fallsview and the Niagara Tower Hotel. If you do decide to stay over, be sure to take a wander around the city. You’ll get some great photographs strolling up and down Clifton Hill with its bright lights and Hollywood-style craziness.

Algonquin Provincial Park

The Algonquin Provincial Park is beautiful whatever time of year you visit, but if you’re around at the start of fall when the leaves are just beginning to change from green to orange, it’s even more astonishing and is definitely worthy of some photographs. There’s also some great opportunities for spotting  native wildlife, particularly black bears. It’s difficult to say where you’ll get the best views as the entire park has something different to offer, but one place that does stand out is that Hardwood Lookout hiking trail, that take you on a relatively easy walk through the hardwood forest, before introducing you to a fine viewpoint overlooking Smoke Lake. There are plenty of other trails you may like to try too, so consider staying for a few days for optimal photography opportunities. The Mew Lake Campground welcomes visitors all year round, so it’s an excellent choice, especially if you’re visiting during the colder months.

Sandbanks Provincial Park

Who’d have thought that Ontario could offer white sand beaches, gorgeous weather, and a range of watersports to rival California? While vacationing at Sandbanks Provincial Park, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in a tropical paradise. Boasting two beachesandbanks_backgrounds and one of the best swimming spots in the whole country, this area is a complete contrast from the snowy mountains and forested paths that Canada is often renowned for, so it’s a excellent and somewhat unique place for taking great photographs. As well as taking photographs of the sand and the clear blue Lake Ontario, there’s also a wide range of fish and bird species just waiting to say ‘cheese’! If you’re feeling brave, wade out into the lake before turning around and photographing the sand dunes – this really is the best vantage point!

French River

The French River is beautiful, but as it runs for almost 70 miles, it can be difficult to know where you’ll find the best photo opportunity. If you’re close to Sudbury, you should definitely stop inScreen shot 2013-10-02 at 12.08.33 PM at the French River Visitor Centre. You’ll learn a lot about both the history of the river and how it contributes to Ontario life today, acting as a recreational area for canoeists, but the best part is the bridge across the river from where you can take wonderful photographs. Stand in just the right place, and you’ll be able to capture both the tree-lined canyon faces as well as the winding river itself. It’s at its most beautiful on a sunny day, so try to visit when the sun is shining for the ultimate vacation photograph.

Photogenic Canada

If there’s one thing Ontario can teach even the most seasoned of photographers, it’s that the country is incredibly photogenic, and incredibly varied. There are really not that many other places in the world where you can travel from one town to the next and take photographs of such contrasting scenery that you’d think you’d been transported to a different continent. If you’re planning a vacation to Ontario, please don’t forget your camera – it’s the most important thing you can pack!

Written by: Melissa Taylor

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